Developmental Assessments

Assessments for Individual and Team Development

Assessments provide exceptional value to both individuals and teams.  For individuals, assessments are supported by 1-1 facilitation & coaching.  In team scenarios, all team members complete the same assessment — which is then facilitated through both individual consultation and team training.

Individual assessment

  • Call or email with instructions to complete the assessment
  • 3-hour / 2 or 3 session engagement
  • Assessment feedback debrief followed by development planning

Team assessment

  • 1-hour team introduction (in-person or virtual) followed by email with instructions
  • 2- hour team session (in-person or virtual) for assessment feedback debrief
  • 1 or 2 session development planning

Assessment Types

I am certified in the following assessments.  These assessments are research-based, tested for reliability, and extremely versatile.  They can be applied in both individual and team settings:

Contact me to discuss your assessment interests and needs.  I will prepare a proposal for review prior to contacting an engagement.

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