1-1 Coaching

Coaching engagements...

are designed to work on individual development opportunities and needs to achieve growth and improved performance.​ Individuals typically engage us for support with their leadership transitions, interpersonal communication, leadership of change, to improve their executive presence, strategic thinking and ability to innovate, and to work through conflict and build an effective team.

Coaching Packages

I offer coaching for leaders at the Executive Level, Senior-Mid Management, and also New Managers and Individual Contributors.

To be effective, coaching engagements need to be customized to each individual, but we have found there are three durations of engagements that have proven effective, based on the type of challenge, available time and commitment-level of clients:

3-hour / 3 session engagements

  • Assessment Feedback followed by development planning sessions

3-month / 10-hour engagements

  • In-person discovery session followed by assessment, feedback, development planning and coaching through the duration. In-person and/or virtual sessions.

6-month / 20-hour engagements

  • In-person discovery followed by assessment, feedback, development planning and coaching through the duration. May include stakeholder interviews. In-person and/or virtual session.

Contact me to discuss your interests and needs for coaching. I will prepare a proposal (with competitive pricing based on the engagement duration and scope) for review prior to contacting an engagement.

The Discovery Process

Together we will discuss the underlying motivators, drivers, and levers you can pull to gain perspective, more fully utilize your unique strengths, and ultimately lead to a successful change or improvement that you desire.

  • Establishing purpose, expectations, what’s at stake, and desired outcomes
  • Assessing challenges, roadblocks, behavioral, and organizational dynamics of concern
  • Deepening understanding of your strengths and development opportunities

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